About AIS

A Premier Supplier of Control Systems and Automation Components

Amos Industrial Solutions Sdn Bhd is an independent company that supply world class automation components and control systems. Of primary focus is dedicating our leading consultancy, advising on product training and technical support across all kind of industries such as OEM, Manufacturing Industry, Transport & Logistic, General Industry, Academic Institutions and R&D groups.

Established since 2018, AIS is expanding and ensure sustainable business model just driven by a simple objective: Create value-added of application solutions to our clients to maximize industry process performance. As our network expands, we keep agility bringing through our comprehensive knowledges and innovative products that gain competitive advantage in Automation industry.


What we serve?

Inspired by ‘SMART FACTORY’, which introduced by Industry 4.0, we strive to help our clients to embrace number of contemporary automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies. Our product and services involve in variety industries such as


• Intelligent Sensor Components
• Project solutions: Mechanical and Electrical
• Re-engineering


Our presence in several processes like Food & Beverage; Transport & Logistic; Automotive etc, in which transform manufacturing and production floors into connected, cost-effective, and control processes securely and efficiently.


‘Customer Satisfaction’ achieved by our technical support is the principle consideration in everything we do. With our well-trained AE department and their support experiences enable you to integrate automation hardware and software to get your machine process in order, reduce downtime yet increase maximum outputs.